Sunday, October 11, 2009

Girls Night

We have been out in Armenia Bonito for 16 months now. We've been doing Kids Clubs, English classes, mobile health clinics, etc. We've gotten to know a lot of people, and now are ready to start investing more in-depth time with folks. So, last month we had a girls night, and last Friday we had our second, with a different set of girls. Our goal is to focus on girls 10-15(ish) years old. This is the age where girls are getting out of school, and ready to get into the adult world. We want to help guide them and give them an understanding of their importance. So, we took the girls to Pizza Hut (boy did they have a blast with the automatic water dispenser - never having seen one before), then back to the McCann's house where we played games, made necklaces, ate ice cream, and had a bible lesson. The girls had a BLAST, and we look forward to the next group of girls we get together with. After we have had time with many of the girls in this age group, we are going to focus on specific girls to disciple. Please pray for this ministry.

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