Monday, September 1, 2008

Shopping downtown

Red beans anyone?

Today I had to run downtown to have some keys made. While I was there I wondered through the outdoor market. There you can buy anything from shoes, clothes, beans, vegetables, watch repair, and even the meat market is there. It's fun just to peruse through the different venders to see what is available. I picked up some bananas, chile dulce (green peppers), cebollas (onions), zanahorias (carrots), y vegetables mixla (mixed vegetables) for soup. All in all, just a few dollars for all of it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Erin:

I'm Josh's mom and I am enjoying reading your gives me a sense of Honduras and the people that Josh will be workign with and I appreciate it!

I have been searching for the "Medical Wish List" that I saw somewher on one of your or Mike's postings but haven't found it. I am working on getting some meds from our hospital pharmacy and Josh is trying to get Phillips Medical Systems to donate some equipment.

If you have the list and can send me it at, that would be a big help. Also, we need a synopsis of what you are planning for the AED and portable EKG machine so I can forward it to our contact at Phillips.

Paula Bolton