Saturday, August 30, 2008

More critters and update

WARNING: Some pictures contained in this blog may make your skin have been warned...

The update: Mike is currently in the U.S. on a whirlwind of meeting people and going to churches. The purpose of this trip is to re-connect with folks we know and to speak at a missions conference. The girls (Madison and myself) are doing just fine. Our refrigerator did manage to go out again - so it's back to the store to re-stock all the items that went bad. Gustuv is passing us by, but we are reaping the benefits of the weather that is being stirred up in the Caribbean - this is the coolest two days we have had since we've been here! It's 78 degrees as I'm writing this, and a nice cool breeze. It's overcast, and we've seen some amazing electric storms in the last two days. We are praying for those that Gustuv will hit. Madison and I have a "date" tonight - dinner and a movie. We are excited about that.

Critters: Well - if you look just two posts below you will see a blog on critters, but I just couldn't pass up another opportunity as a few more have come into our lives. I was turning the lights off the other day and locking the front door when I encountered this 8 legged friend. Now in my world, bugs are typically something I'm not to stresed about - they serve their purpose, but I prefer them not to be in the house. This guy, however, had the hair on my arms standing up. I did a little research, and best I can tell it's a Wolf Spider. If anyone knows better, let me know. Anyway - he and I had a little discussion about him really needing to be outdoors where he belongs, doing the things he does. He just wouldn't listen to me. I really didn't want to smash this guy, so the next best thing was sweeping him out door. So - for the next 10 minutes commenced the most hysterical chase scene that I would challenge any comedy movie to do better. I just wish I had Madison here to film it. Envision this 6'1" woman chasing a spider all around the living room, moving furniture frantically as it's trying to scurry under neath - attempting to neither smash it (imagine cleaning that up) or injure it (it does serve a purpose afterall). All in all - once again - the superior being won in the end! I finally got ahold of it under my broom and swept it outdoors into the wild! Whew! Luckily I didn't injure myself in the persuit. Ah well..

A shot to show how long his legs are:
A close up to see those incredible mandibles:

This other guy I've seen outside in our yard a few times, but have never been able to capture it on film. I LOVE that we have such diverse critters around - and it's hard to imagine that they live here with me. Not much to report on this one other than the fact that until we have our dog, this guy will have to suffice. I have numerous fruit trees in my yard and I'm sure that's what keeps him here - he chomps up the fruit on the ground - or goes into the trees to get them.

And finally - this beautiful butterfly that came into my house - yes, that required another chase - imagine chasing a butterfly with a broom - trying to escort it out of the house without injuring it - I was successful however. There are so many butterflys here - they enjoy the year-round blooming plants and seem to thrive.

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