Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spending A Little Time In A Senior Home

We have a team here visiting from South Carolina. Great folks. They are very energetic and excited about our ministry. They are gaining a great passion for the people of Honduras.

Today we went to the local old folks home, which is home to 25 seniors. The Director gave us a tour of the facility and we talked about the needs of the people and how we can be of service.

We all hung around and talked with some of the residents and sang songs. These people never receive visitors and any contact is good.

While we were there we noticed the television in the recreation area was broken. With no second thoughts our group decided they should all go buy a new TV for the home. In less then an hour the team from South Carolina had returned with a new TV AND DVD player for the home.

We all shared great passion for these seniors and look forward to serving them again soon.

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crackers and cheese said...

Terrific! I'm excited about the work that your team is doing in this senior home. Several years ago while studying abroad, I did some volunteer work in a nursing home in Mexico. It's my understanding that in Latin America, families usually take care of their elderly and keep them in the home, therefore nursing home residents are often some of the poorest of the poor or are without family members to care for them. Is this the case in Honduras?