Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's finally arrived

Before we left for Costa Rica, our dear friends, the Hertzells, offered to store some stuff for us to have shipped at a later date. While in Costa Rica I started the process via the internet, of getting our stuff picked up and shipped to Honduras. That part of it went without a hitch. The company picked up our stuff, packed it into a partial container, and shipped it down to Honduras. Upon it's arrival we received notification that it was here - and that's where it went down hill. Let me just say - what it takes to get items into country, the documentation we need, license we had to get, and $$$ we had to provide took us over 1 month until our stuff finally arrived at our front door yesterday! Almost all of the things are for our ministry with a few exceptions. Mike had all of his books shipped, and we had some camping items sent as well. Other than that it was ministry stuff and it's such a relief to finally be in possession of these things! Woohoo!

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Mindy said...

6 million dollars later.