Thursday, September 18, 2008

Always Christmas, Never Winter?

These last 10 days have been like Christmas. First we finally got our two pallets of ministry supplies out of customs. Then we got three care packages back to back to back from my friend Mindy, my friend Dannie and Mike’s Mom. Then Mike came back from the US with a suitcase full of cool stuff.

We are swimming in coffee syrup from Starbucks. We have played nightly board games. We have gorged ourselves on candy. We have all enjoyed new undies. It is as if we are personally trying to demonstrate the meaning of gluttony.


The weather seems to be turning. While we don’t want to jinx things, it looks like the weather is becoming a LITTLE bit more tolerable. After almost a month with no rain we have had three days of rain in a row. It is still 95 degrees and 90% humidity, but, the rain has been making the evenings really nice.

The last update on this entry is THE CHIN. Those of you who have been around for a while will recall that at the age of six, Maddy busted her chin open doing her best Mary Lou Retton (yeah I’m from the 80’s) imitation. It required a number of stitches.

Well, a couple of days ago Maddy was doing a little dancing…ok…let’s get it out there…she was doing The Worm. And, she again busted her chin open. Where is a nurse when you need one? We placed her on the couch, I cleaned it and applied a few sutures. She is now healed and ready to bust it open again. Maddy helped answer the question, "Why don't Pettengills dance?"

The Chin

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Chris said...

My younger brother busted his chin open doing The Worm too... but in front of hundreds of high school students.