Friday, September 12, 2008

English Classes and Clinic

Yesterday we started an English class in the community of Armenia Bonito. It was the 1st of a 10 week series. English is not taught in the public schools here, so almost no one in Armenia speak any English. We had 25+ people in attendance, all with a huge desire to learn English. We are so excited about the opportunity this presents to teach both English, and to present the gospel during the classes! We are going to be offering additional classes in the afternoons and on the weekend. After each class I will be offering a "mini clinic" as well. This way people will know the consistency of us being there. I checked many blood pressures and blood sugars - for those of you that this makes any sense to, I checked a lady with a blood sugar of 455, and a blood pressure of 160/110 . After much instructions about health, nutrition, and a huge insistence of seeing a physician, she was sweet, but pretty much blew off the idea of seeing a doctor. I have many glucometers that were donated by our first medical team, and after much instruction, I donated one to her so she can check her blood sugar daily. She is currently taking medication, but it's obvious between her diet and a probably need to change her medication, she is not in good shape. I hope to be able to monitor her weekly to see the progress she is/isn't making.

The clinic after English class

Our English class students

El Centro Comunal - where we host the clinic and the ESL class. This is a site for a future construction / youth team. We hope to paint, perhaps tile, and clean up the facility. It is used often, and is the center of the community - but it is need of much repair!

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The McClain's said...

WOW! Praise God! Erin, it is so awesome to see God working through you and Mike! Keep pressing on!

una pregunta...¿hay un baño alla en el salon? it looks so similar to those in Tejarcillos...had to ask... :)