Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The grass is greener on the other side of the road

Many times here you will see horses wondering loose. Owners do this to allow their horses to graze on the grasses near their home. We have an empty field right next to us, and we usually see this horse grazing freely there without fence or harness. Most of the times he stays right where he is supposed to. However, this morning, while Madison and I were waiting for a taxi to go to school, the horse decided to cross the street. Now keep in mind - this is the busiest street in all of La Ceiba. The horse started across the road, stopping in the middle of the street to do his business, and cars and taxis just drove around him because this is such a normal event here. The horse wandered to the other empty field - obviously looking for greener pastures. After returning home from dropping Madison off, the owner had come looking for him deciding that his crossing the street was just a bit too dangerous to wonder back by himself.

The owner retrieving his horse

The empty lot right next to our house (the wall on the right is our wall)

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