Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Winter" has come

Winter has come to Honduras. What does that mean? Instead of hot and humid, it's hot, humid and rainy! It does also bring a cooling trend in the evenings, I even used a blanket last night! It was joyous!

Our week: Today we welcome Pamela, she is a 2-week intern who is here to explore the possibility of full-time missions somewhere in the world. Welcome Pamela!

Tomorrow: I am headed off to Copan, Honduras for a conference on Honduras. There are many representatives of many private, or Christian, or philanthropic organizations that work in Honduras. I will be traveling tomorrow, the conference is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I return on Sunday. I am hoping that I will have a chance to go see the Copan Ruins while I am there.

This week we continue in our ESL class. Mike will be teaching my class and Pamela will be there to help out. Madison continues making up past homework and tests.

Overall a busy few weeks!

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