Friday, January 18, 2008

Class mix-up

Two weeks into each semester the teachers (primarily) and the students have input with the academic advisor as to the classes the students are currently in. It is then that the teachers decide if students need to be moved to different classes based on their current level of understanding, or their teaching style/needs. We were informed today that our class and another class will be re-organized. Four members of my current class will be moved in with three members of another class to form a new class. The pace of this "new" class will be quickened from the current speed. Sigh...I was just getting used to the pace, coming to expect what was coming next, and enjoying how well I was comprehending the new material. However, I really don't think the teacher would move me unless she really feels like I will succeed in this new class. So, I was going to take a picture of my class and class mates, but as that will be changing on Monday, I only took a picture my language teacher because she will be the same teacher, it is my grammar class that is changing. So, here is Yadira, a VERY sweet, awesome teacher!

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The McClain's said...

Lucky you, you're pics are here!!! Who knows?

See you tomorrow!
Brooke :)