Friday, January 4, 2008

Orientation, Welcoming and House Hunting

Orientation for new students at school has started, and Mike and I are helping out everyday with it. Yesterday we were "tour guides" around campus, showing folks where to find what. Today we are in two skits to help explain some of the rules of the school. At the same time we are welcoming our "little sister", Zoe - she is a new student and we were responsible for finding her a place to live, and showing her around town. We have had a great time doing that. Also, we are privileged to have the ability to look for a house for our future team mates, the McCann's! We can officially say they are coming next month!!! We are so excited to finally have our future team mates join us in Costa Rica and we want to find them a "perfect" house - although the pickings are slim, we are praying for the best location!

Madison starts school on Monday, and she is hesitant to get started (read - not ready to be done with vacation!). Our schooling starts back up next Wednesday. So, please pray for us during this busy time of orientation, welcoming, house hunting and school starting!

A few firsts:

1. Made gallo pinto (ooohhhhh good!!!)
2. homemade flour tortillas!

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