Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Glasses

Two days ago I finally did something I have been meaning to do since we have been here - and that's been to get Madison's eyes checked. She has been "complaining" of her vision being worse then when it was last checked (just over a year ago). So, boosting up my courage to be speaking in Spanish for the next 30 minutes, we went in. Get this - the eye exam was only $6.00! Can you believe it?! Anyway - they did a very thorough exam, and Madison was a trooper, telling the optometrist all her letters in Spanish! Good job Madison! So, we ordered her glasses (cool purple glasses, with shading lenses) and they called us the next day to tell us they were in! Another - can you believe it moment!!! ONE day for new glasses? So - we went to pick them up today, and here she is, acting like such the teen, hanging out on her bed, listening to her IPOD with her cool new glasses (anteojos -literally - before eyes) on.

Now, to call around and make dental exams for all of us - we are OVER DUE!! Pray for me :-)

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