Thursday, January 10, 2008

Big Kids Back to School

Mike and I started school yesterday. We have a very different schedule - Mike starts an hour later than I do. So - I walk Madison to school, and start my first class. I then have a 2 hour break in the middle of my day, and our school goes an hour later. This change is to accommodate all the new students. There are now more students at this school then there has been for decades. A great problem to have! So, we are adjusting. Mike has the same classmates as he did last trimester - my grammar class was disbanned and redistributed to other classes - this is also to try and accommodate the changing classes. So, the folks in my class are doing a little catch up to where I finished off. Not bad for me - this just means an opportunity to review.

The other thing we are doing is preparing a house for our new team mates who are coming next month. Please pray that things will continue to go smoothly. We have been praying for the "perfect" place - and what do we get?! A BRAND new place came up for rent a half block from our house - 3 bedrooms, will have all BRAND new furniture and appliances! It's an incredible find around here because of the huge influx of students, we were fearful of even FINDING a place! Thank you God for a direct and IMMEDIATE answer to prayer! Isn't God cool?!

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