Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Sidewalks of Costa Rica

Yes, this is an odd topic…we know. But, sometimes it is the little things you notice the most. We never thought about sidewalks until we got here. Trust us on this one and take 4 minute and 30 second out of your life to watch this video and you will see that there is a major cultural difference between the sidewalks in your home and the sidewalks in Costa Rica.


Ben said...

I know I can tell by the way Mike uses his walk that he's a woman's man (no time to talk).

The sidewalks are pretty uniform here, though there's a bit of variation from neighborhood to neighborhood and a few different materials are used.

Unfortunately, people tend to be rather tolerant of their dogs, you know, letting fly wherever they feel like it, so it's a bit treacherous now and again.

Zoe said...

Here's what I have to say....cute video. Um, do your teachers need to assign you more HW? Cause it seems to me you have a LOT of free time on your hands. Just kidding, why else do we missionaries make the big bucks?