Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Stinkin’ Neighborhood

So, usually our neighborhood trash gets picked up on Wednesdays. And, in typical Latin American fashion sometimes it is at 6am, sometimes it is at 6pm, sometimes it is on Thursday, but, it always gets picked up. Not this week. Our trash went out on Wednesday. Here it is Saturday morning and it is still sitting out there. With this comes a few extra problems.

1) Three and a half days is more then enough time for stray dogs and homeless scavengers to dig through your trash and make a mess. So, not only is there lots of trash on the street, but, it is strewn everywhere.

2) We have now entered the dry season. No rain, lots of sun and little wind. The temperatures this week have been in the 80s every day. Plenty of heat to bake exposed trash.

The result is a funky smell that filters through the neighborhood and peaks about midday. Nothing we can’t handle. It just enables us to use all of our senses when walking to school or to the market.

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