Wednesday, April 27, 2011

spring cleaning and making marshmallows

Between English Class, Kids Club, homeschooling and cleaning my house in general - I've been Spring Cleaning as well. Our first team arrives in about 5 weeks, and I know I will be totally unable to do some elbow rubbing type of cleaning for awhile, so thought I would take advantage of the time I have now. Have painted three rooms, have Madison's to go; throwing out stuff we haven't used in 3 years; organizing; and thought I would get a jump-start on washing some sheets that haven't been used since last summer for our teams. Ah...such well laid plans...the drainage system for our washing machine is hooked up to the sink in our washroom. Right before we moved in workers laid some tile outside. It's beautiful - but they used the sink to clean out their cement buckets. You can see where this is going...most of the drain is blocked by hardened cement. So - the drainage for my washing machine is attached to a hose, which I have to put outside each time for it to drain. Well...I forgot to do that this morning in my haste to get a lot of stuff done. Needless to say - my entire wash room, and the attached room (with tons of stuff on the floor) was completely flooded. At least the floors are clean!

One fun thing - many of you know I love to cook. I've tried and succeeded and tried and failed at many things. One thing I've been wanting to make is marshmallows. I know - you can buy them at the store - but has anyone ever tried homemade marshmallows? They are amazing! So yummy - fresh! I found all my ingredients, made marshmallow, dipped them in melted chocolate, then rolled them in candy sprinkles. Yum!

Just about done...

Final product


Jennifer said...

Did you find unflavored gelatin or did you find a recipe that doesn't call for it?

Mindy said...

Yum! They look beautiful! How did they taste?