Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Easter is a very under-celebrated holiday here. In the three years we have been here and the multiple churches we have been to and our team mates have been to, it's almost never even mentioned. There are exceptions of course. On Monday, after our English class, I was trying to encourage the kids to come to our Kids Club the following day because they were going to hear the story of Easter (Pascua). One of the kids said something to me that I have been suspicious of, but he laid it out there and basically spoke for the majority of the Protestant churches/believers in Honduras. He said, "Why are you going to tell the story of Easter? That's something you celebrate in the States, we don't celebrate that here." Which of course got me even more motivated to tell the story well :-)

So, I put together a skit with Mary, an Angel, John and Peter - and the empty tomb. The kids loved to see the story in action, and when asked questions about it they responded with great answers. Afterwards, to sum up the event, we gave a gospel presentation and gave tracks to the kids. They did a fun Lapbook craft with a cross on the outside and the empty tomb on the inside. The kids that were there really seemed to enjoy it!

Kids diligently working on their craft

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