Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So we've officially arrived. The border crossing wasn't quite as painless as on the way into Mexico from Guatemala. We arrived at the completely empty border at Piedras Negras. One of the reasons we like that crossing. We had to show a few of our bags to the customs guys to convince them it was basically all clothes. We then drove to another entry area where our passports were processed. Then - we had to drive about an hour to another entry area (gratefully it was in the same direction we wanted to travel). On the way to our new destination, some local police took one look at our Honduras car with tinted windows and black bags in the back of the truck and just had to stop us. The funniest sight, however, was when they approached the car and we rolled our windows down - their eyebrows went up - a bunch of gringos in the car was the LAST thing they expected! After showing our passports and license, we were told to have a nice day - with smiles on their faces :-) After driving around for about 30 minutes, asking several people, and finally being escorted to the customs station by another friendly police man, we arrived, processed our car and went on our way.

Our location (Monclova) was our original stopping places, and we were going to plan on coming here, but if the sunlight permitted we were going to try and go farther. However, after many of our delays, we decided it was the best option afterall.

Once again - we have no idea what the internet options are going to be on our trip. Will keep everyone posted as we are able.

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