Friday, April 8, 2011

Mexico and Guatemala

Yesterday we traveled into the night - I know...I know...we said we would NEVER travel into the night - but we have a few complications that required us to do just that. We ended up staying on a road-side hotel. Yes, about what you pictured. It was RIGHT on the street of the thoroughfare so we heard big-rigs rolling by our room throughout the night. The bed was clean, the sheets were clean. The bathroom was quite fun. It was a shower/toilet/sink all in one - thought about it too late to take a picture. Anyway - it was a roof over our head, and a shower to get clean.

Next morning we were up bright and early to try and make it into Guatemala City. So - finished up Mexico, had about a 40 minute border crossing and drove like mad to make the City. We arrived into Guatemala City and had to drive about an hour to find a hotel that would take all of us and the dog. The GREAT thing! This was the first hotel that we didn't have to completely unload/unpack our car! The garage is secured/locked and has an armed guard. It was AWESOME! This typically takes about 30 minutes or so on either end - when we get where we are going and are exhausted to unload all our stuff to the hotel room - and then in the morning to reload everything. So HUGE thanks for that. We plan on getting up our normal hour of 6am, and out the door by 6:30am. Our huge prayer is that we make La Ceiba by nightfall. How exciting to sleep in our own beds! Max and Madison have been AMAZING on the entire trip - but I know they are both ready to end this adventure.

Next blog - from HOME!

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The McClain's said...

Sista- you guys amaze me!!! We are feeling chicken about heading into Panama City end of the blow me away! So glad you will be home soon! Did you ever find the wallet?