Saturday, April 30, 2011

Girls Day

Today we brought 10 girls from the village into town. This is a very unusual opportunity for girls to leave the community. We played games (Pictionary - a HUGE success), jumped on the trampoline, had a devotional, played on the Wii, made sub sandwiches - they ate until they were stuffed, then made banana splits for dessert with all the topings.

An exciting time was when we brought Oneida, the young mostly mute girl, and her sister, Carolina, as two of the girls. This is only their second time out of the community - they were so excited to come, they arrived at the pick-up location 30 minutesearly! It is so fun to see them interact with other girls, and participate in this exciting opportunity. It was a huge blessing to all of us who were in attendance.

All of the girls having fun
Just hanging out getting ready to play

Helping Oneida draw a house

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christina said...

Oneida.. so glad to see she is joining in the fun....