Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mexico continued

So...we took off this morning a little over an hour late. Why? We were scouring for Mike's wallet. We checked into the hotel last night so we know we had it then. However, after that we lost track of it. We are praying it got scooped up with clothes or something else and dumped in a suitcase or something like that. So far no charges have been made on it. So - we will keep looking, keep checking the bank, and hopefully we will find it by the time we reach Honduras. However - one BIG snafu. was of course - we were going to use his credit card for most of our purchases - hotel, gas, food, etc. Instead - we are having to pay in cash - transferred money from Mike's account via the computer, and am using my debit card. We are currently at a rest stop that has wi-fi - it's right near San Luis Potosi, Mexico. We decided to hang out for about an hour before we head out again. Our desired city is only about an hour our so away from here, so an earlier night tonight. Based on our current rate, we probably aren't going to get out of Mexico tomorrow. We will get pretty close, but not into Guatemala. So - probably another day and a half until we make the border. Please continue to pray.

On another note - my mother was transfered to the ICU again because of some severe difficulty breathing. However, after over a day on oxygen she is doing much better. It has been decided that when she does get discharged, she will be sent home with oxygen, so my dad has been instructed on it's use.


SoniaStorm said...

Bummer on the wallet. Hope it's found amongst the mass of bags. And, thankful to hear your mom is doing better. PTL!

Jim White said...

Can't tell you how many times I've lost my wallet — and I've ALWAYS found it. Praying that yours is found really soon. Also praying for a safe journey. We're gonna miss seeing you guys this summer.