Sunday, April 10, 2011


After 6 full days of travel we made it home last night at 7:30pm. We walked into the house - exhausted, filthy, and ready to crash. However, we arrived to a house without water...sigh... apparently there had been a problem the day before yesterday, and someone had come out to "fix it". Unfortunately, like many things around here, they are a quick fix (think duct tape) and not a real fix. So, as of this morning there still is no water in the house and the guys are back to (prayerfully) really fix it. So - no shower, no toilets, no water to wash my dishes or my clothes. Ah the joys of living in a 3rd world country :-) But - even with all that - it was incredible to sleep in my own bed last night, even though I sweated all night. Max was running around like a puppy so happy to be back in his own home, and Madison was able to chat last night with her best friend! Oh it's SO good to be to unpack and hopefully get some clothes washed later on today!

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