Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Driving Honduras To The U.S. – 8 Days, 3,901 Miles

On Monday, September 6th Mike and I are jumping in the car and starting on a long drive that will end in Sacramento, CA. We don’t think we’ll have good communication while on the trip. But, if we can we will blog along the way to share the adventure. At least you can count on a video when we are done.

3,901 miles, 8 days, 4 countries, 2 people, 1 dog

We have a very conservative schedule, with lots of room for rest stops and flat tires. While we have planned each day, we may (and likely will) deviate from this schedule.

So that you can join us in the planning and praying phase here is what we have planned out:

Day #1 – September 6 – 206 miles

La Ceiba, Honduras to Copan Ruins, Honduras

Day #2 – September 7 – 249 miles - Honduras/Guatemala boarder crossing

Copan Ruins, Honduras to Hehuetenango, Guatemala

Day #3 – September 8 – 570 miles - Guatemala/Mexico boarder crossing

Hehuetenango, Guatemala to Veracruz, Mexico

Day #4 – September 9 – 509 miles

Veracruz, Mexico to San Lois Potosi, Mexico

Day #5 – September 10 – 387 miles

San Lois Potosi, Mexico to Monclova, Mexico

Day #6 – September 11 – 593 miles – Mexico/U.S. boarder crossing
Monclova, Mexico to Ft. Stockton, Texas

Day #7 – September 12 – 651 miles

Ft. Stockton, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona

Day #8 – September 13 – 736 miles

Phoenix, Arizona to Sacramento, California


The McClain's said...

Sounds like an amazing trip, friend! do you think you will at least journal so you can share your adventures when you are safe and sound in CA? God Bless You all!

DON GODO said...

Good luck!! I've always wanted to drive it...