Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wow! Now that's pretty cool!

So - cooking has become such fun for me! I've been creating all sorts of new dishes, baking new fun things...making some disasters which never make it to the plate - you know - that kind of thing. Well...I guess my oven just couldn't keep up with me. About a month ago I noticed a black "spot" on the lower element in my oven. This brought back memories of when this happened to our oven in The States. We just replaced it and moved on. However, here it's not quite so easy. Can't just call the Sears man, have him come over, and fix things right up. So - I'll just say it - I chose to ignore it. Now, give me SOME credit - I let Mike know, and our team mate John know. This was my back-up plan. I'm good with medicine - good with cooking - not so good with electrical items. I've replaced a toilet, laid tile, put together all sorts of things - but electrical items - no way. Well - the other day when I was making all my goodies (see post below), the element decided it had had enough! I peeked in my oven to discover that half of the element was not working. Okay - that was a weird sight indeed! Then, while cooking dinner (thankfully it had JUST finished), Madison called me in to mom...there are SPARKS IN THE OVEN!!!!!! I opened it up to see - sure enough - sparks were coming from the element, as it was eating it's way to the remaining portion of the element. It turned off the oven and called on my resources - Mike and John. Within a few short hours, John had found the part number on the element needed, went to 4 different stores, came over and replaced my element - just in time for dinner! Thank you John! And just for fun, I had to take a picture of what remained of the element

So - my cooking killed the heating element! Never thought I would see the day - maybe I should keep a spare on hand from now on :-) You have to admit - that's pretty impressive!!!

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