Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 1 of 3 - Clinic in Aremenia Bonito

Today we had our first of 3 medical clinics this week. We had 4 provider stations, and were able to see 78 patients today! What a huge blessing - we saw everything from an abscess the size of a baseball, we did an ultrasound on a pregnant mommy and she got to see, for the first time, her new baby girl, and many other things. We also have the blessing of having an audiologist on this team. She has been able to see many people, assess them for hearing aides, and a team will be following up for the people to get their hearing aid at a later date.

Madison has been a huge help as well - she is one of the main interpreters for one of the doctors. Her Spanish has improved so much, and she is finding the confidence to use it.

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Pamela said...

WooHoo! Go Madison!