Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting Ready to Leave

Seems like that's what's been on the forefront of our minds lately. Ministry work still has been going strong - English class, Kids Club, Clinic - and in the midst of that we are trying to get our lives ready to leave Honduras for 6 months. This is almost as difficult as it was leaving the States - but we didn't have to plan on returning to the States, but we will be returning here. Here's what that looks like:

1. Renew the lease contract on our house
2. Certification for our dog to leave country and enter the U.S.
3. Pay for additional year on our P.O. Box
4. Copies of all our documents
5. Obtain original title for our car so we can cross the borders
6. Packing up things we aren't going to use
7. Re-organize all our ministry supplies/medications we are leaving
8. New tires for the car
9. Turning off cable/internet
10. Getting our trees trimmed
11. throwing away TONS of "stuff"
12. Getting car insurance while we are in the States
13. Finding a place to stay both in California and Arizona
14. Final orthodontic appointment for Madison
15. Renewing Registration for the car
16. Cleaning out pantry
17. Cleaning out refrigerator
18. putting dust sheets over EVERYTHING in the house
19. Packing to leave
20. more to come....

I think my gardener and I had different ideas on what "trimming" a tree meant...

Shelves made my my team mate, John - now all the supplies are organized, labeled, and ready to go!

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Jim White said...

My kind of man, that gardener! Look forward to seeing you in Sept.--- That's SOON!
Jim White