Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last clinic / family arrived

Today was our last clinic day for 6 months. It's kind of weird with where we have come from. I started with one suitcase size full of whatever meds or supplies I could put, and took the bus to get there - to what we have now - 6 boxes of meds, 2 huge containers of supplies, 1 box just of dressing supplies, and tons of education and teaching materials, 2 folding tables, one privacy screen, and a truck to carry it all in! We've come a long way baby :-) And HUGE thanks to John and Kathy who jumped right in to clinic today! We were a little short staffed as the McCann's are out of town, so John took over in pharmacy, and Kathy helped Madison in intake! Thanks so much you guys!

Me asking a little boy if his ears hurt.

Today Mike's sister, Jeri, arrived to be with us for our last week in Honduras for this year. She has come to visit, see our ministry in action (came to the clinic today), and to just hang out! She will be flying back with Madison, so Madison doesn't have to take the long drive back with us! How awesome is that! So blessed we are that Jeri wanted to do this! We love her for her sweet heart! :-)

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