Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Roof and 100 patients

Today the team was able to put the concrete roof on one of the buildings at our ministry center. This building needs to be very secure as it will house the security guard, and supplies that we will keep out there. We don't want anyone to be able to just cut through the roof and climb right in - so we have been prepping this roof for almost two weeks, and today was the day - roof complete! The team was digging, sifting, shoveling, and hauling cement up to others who were on the roof - all in 95 degree heat, and 89% humidity! Whew!!!

Today we saw 100 patients in clinic. What a huge blessing to this community! In the three days the team did clinics, we served over 258 patients! Incredible job and along with medicine, prayers and evangelism was happening all over the place! Awesome indeed!

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