Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sad Goodbye's and Bittersweet moments

Five years ago, Mike, Madison and I walked along the streets of Armenia Bonito, dreaming about what God would have us do while we are here. We dreamed and prayed and asked God for a vision of what that meant.

When we came here almost 2 1/2 years ago and started the ministry in Armenia with a few soccer balls, a small bag of meds, and servants hearts, that vision started to become more solidified. We started looking for some property to purchase, and to start envisioning what would go on it. Mike started the aggressive pursuit of funds to purchase the land. Within a week the funds arrived.

The "dream" - the property as it appeared when we were looking to purchase it:

It was clear that God had big plans. He partnered us up with the McCann's, then new potential team mates came to Honduras as a vision trip, and to see if there was "something" that a construction guy could do (insert John Clow here), He sent the Clow's to partner with us, and to be the foreman and overseer for the construction. After the land was purchased, Mike again began aggressive support raising, and more money came in. The wall was built. Once again, Mike continued with support raising, more building, more support raising, more building, until here we are. A guard shack, storage area, and most of a multi-purpose building/soccer field has been built.

The multi-purpose building/soccer field that will be finished while we are gone:

The guard shack and storage area:

Here is my bittersweet moment. This has been a dream of ours, and of following God's plans for Armenia Bonito. Because of timing, and the teams decision, the building will be dedicated, celebrated, and ministry started while we are in The States. I must confess - my heart is celebrating, and yet sad at the same time. To share in the joy that will go on, to be there when it is be at the first event ever held on the property that started as just a dream so long ago - and we won't be there to join in the festivities. I rejoice with all, even with a saddened heart.

We have a lot more funds to raise, as we still want to construct the High School, medical clinic, church, bathroom facilities and eventually even more. So prayerfully consider how you may be involved - to pray for the facility and the lives that will be touched - to financially contribute so it can be built - to come and work on the property and get your hands dirty in raising a wall :-)

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Maybe you can fly out for the dedication... ?