Friday, May 23, 2008

My "picture wall"

In our house in Elk Grove, we had a picture wall. It was a wall that celebrated our family and friends. Old pictures of our parents, family photos, friends, etc. Here we don't have that. It's been sad living in a house with so little on the walls. We actually brought some framed photos that we have taken over the years, and it does help make the house a little homey. Other things we brought to make us feel like this is our home - the quilt for our bed, the quilt for Madison's bed, glow-in-the-dark stars for Madisons ceiling (have had these on her ceiling since she was born), etc. So, since we don't have our wall of photos, I created one when we received Christmas cards last year. I cut out the photos and placed them on cupboards that face into our "living room". So this year, if you send us a Christmas card, we would LOVE if you included a recent family photo. It really helps to bring a little taste of home to us - the faces of those we love. When we move into our new home in Honduras, I'll endeavor to re-create our picture wall and include other pictures that I've stored on the computer of dear friends and family. But for now - this will do :-)

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