Friday, May 16, 2008


I know you will all be happy to hear that Narnia can be found in Costa Rica in English!!! I know how you have all waited with baited breath to see if that was the case. We will probably go see it tomorrow. Okay - enough of that. Movies here are shown one of two ways. Dubbed, with no subtitles, or in English with Spanish subtitles. Most "action", "horror", and "drama" movies are in English; most children's animated movies are dubbed into Spanish; and those that are in the middle - think National Treasure, etc. show in both venues. However, that is not always the rule. The Bridge to Teribithia I think falls into the National Treasure category, however, it was only in Spanish. So...the debate around the Pettengill household was whether Narnia would be in Spanish or English. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching things in Spanish, but as my Spanish skills are about the level of a 6 year old, there are many nuances, etc. that I miss. So - I must admit - I was thrilled that Narnia will be shown in English. Granted, it shows 9 times a day, and only 3 of them are shown in English, but I'm thrilled. Honestly, I should be happy ANY movie is in English! We are in a Spanish speaking country afterall. I never had any expectation that any movie would be shown in English, I was just pleasantly surprised that they are!

Another interesting movie topic - how the titles are translated. For example:

27-Desses translates to: 27 Bodas (27 Weddings)
The Bucket List translates to: Antes de Partir (Before we Leave)
Speed Racer translates to: Meteoro (Meteor)
Dead Silence translates to: El Titere (The Puppet)

Anyway - as others come up I'll be sure to post. Interesting why some are changed, and others aren't, and always interesting to see how the translation has been made. Iron Man, for example, is Iron Man...hmm...

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Phamilyof6 said...

Hi! I found your blog through a comment you left on Brooke's! Just wanted to say hi. Hope you are enjoying your tutoring.

I find the move names here VERY interesting. I ended up watching a TERROR flick (Untraceable) Sin Retracto, because I couldn't really understand the title and then the argumento (description of the plot) did mention torture and murders on the internet! YUK!

Okay, nice to see you in bloggity-ville!