Friday, May 9, 2008

Bummer way to end the vacation

Well...we made it back safely to San Jose, managed to get everyone to their rooms, and headed out to dinner. By the time we left it was clear that my purse managed to find its way into a robbers hand in the short time we were at dinner, and in the SHORT time it took us to get back to our apartment to call Golden 1, we already had a phone message from Visa fraud asking us to call them. All in all over $1284.00 had been charged to my account! So, between the $300.00 stolen from my wallet earlier in the week, and over $1284.00 charged to my account, it was a VERY expensive week! Along with my money, my new IPOD that my sister-in-law brought to me was in my purse, my medication, two pairs of sunglasses, and my ID. It was only by God's grace that I had JUST taken out all of our passports, or those would have been gone too. Makes me very sad/angry/upset. Not the way I wanted to end our vacation.

Mike's family leaves tomorrow. We want to take them to the local shopping area to look for last minute souveniers. It has been so much fun to have them here in Costa Rica!

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Zoe said...

Wow, that is a major bummer. I was getting sadder and sadder the more you went on. Sadder. Hm, is that a word? Whatever. Well the you know what hit the fan here in atlanta too. I'll join your pitty party! God knows somehow though.