Thursday, May 8, 2008

Family Vacation, Part V

We have spent the past two days in the ocean. We have taken five SCUBA dives in the past two days. Last night was especially fun. We took Mike’s parents out on the boat for a night dive. They stayed on board while we spent 50 minutes explore the night sea with flashlights. It was fun to share this experience with them.

The night dive was incredible. Sea life is very different at night. When we got up all Maddy could say was, “That was cool, that was cool, that was cool.”

I have had plenty of opportunity to practice medicine on this trip. I have made eight or so trips to the pharmacy and practiced my medical Spanish. I gave injections, administered oral medication, addressed a minor concussion, helped with a couple of colds and much more. It has been great practice to work all this out in Spanish.


Zoe said...

so, if i ever need a nurse will you fly to bogota for me? Its all just a question of how much you really care about me. Only time and injury will tell

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