Wednesday, May 21, 2008


A Ceiba tree

Team Honduras is growing! Currently we have our awesome team mates Sean and Lindsey McCann (along with Lucy, and the new baby-on-the-way McCann); we also have 3 interns, Jamie, Josh, and Andy. These future interns are new High School graduates who feel God sending them to the mission field before they enter college. They will be attending a 2-month Spanish intensive program in Costa Rica (same school we are currently attending), then will join us in Honduras. They already come with some Spanish under their belts. We are also speaking with another person, who is a pediatric nurse, and is interested in working in the mission field for a year, then returning to her practice with some incredible experience under her belt. There is also another couple that has some feelers out toward Honduras. So, please be in prayer for our growing team :-) We are incredibly excited that there is so much enthusiasm about Honduras - it's clear that God has some plans for all of us!

FYI: (The ceiba is one of the fastest growing trees in existence, gaining as much as 13 feet a year to a maximum height of just under 200 feet tall! Because of its swift growth, the ceiba is an effective pioneer species and a great introduction for the reforestation of cleared land. Though the wood is not durable enough for construction, it is often used for canoes and coffins - La Ceiba, our future home, was named after this incredible tree.)

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