Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Interesting Food

The palm tree from which the Pejibaye grow

Madison getting ready to enjoy her pejibaye

We have found this "fruit" called Pejibaye. Wikipedias information about this fruit: Bactris gasipaes is a species of palm native to the tropical forests of the South and Central America. It is a palm which can typically grow to 20 m or taller (see picture above). The fruit is a drupe with an edible pulp surrounding the single seed, 4-6 cm long and 3-5 cm broad. The rind (epicarp) of this wild palm can be red, yellow, or orange when the fruit is ripe depending on the variety of the palm.

Madison and I really enjoy eating this. You usually find it in the grocery store in a vat of warm water where it has been simmering all day. We take it home, peel it, add a little salt and pepper and enjoy! An interesting fruit, but one we really enjoy!

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