Saturday, October 20, 2007

Uh's magic!

Is it magic or what?! Washing clothes around here is not bad - we have a washing machine afterall. Mike does all the wash (YEAH!!). My wonderful mother-in-law sent us a Downey ball so we now start putting softener into our wash. However, there are some things that just won't change. Drying with a Brillo pad for one. The picture you see is one of our towels after a day of drying on the line. As I've stated before, we don't have a functioning dryer, so line drying is what we get. We were hoping the addition of softener would assist with the softening process of our clothes. However, hard water and line-drying trumps everything else. Hence, we have towels that stand by themselves. Mike is holding the towel with one hand, and it's standing of it's own accord...sigh...I guess we need to look at the good in all things - we don't have to hand wash the clothes like many do in Honduras. So what am I whining about?

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Mindy said...

That looks nice and cozy. It seems like it could just snap in half.