Monday, October 8, 2007


Who's that girl with the tank on her's's me...

Hey there - in the midst of learning Spanish, living in Costa Rica, trying to cook everything from scratch - we do manage to eek out a little bit of fun time. There are some students from our language institute that have banded together, and are taking PADI instructions from a local Costa Rican gentleman. This weekend we had our two confined water dives. This is where we learned most of our safety items - flooded masks, swimming without a mask, removing weights removing and putting back on all of our equipment, etc (all at the bottom of a 12 foot pool). This is a 5 week class in which we receive 2 hour classes and a test each week. We are 4 weeks into the class, we've done our confined water dives. All that is left - we have 1 more class, then in two weekends we head out to the ocean for our open water dives. We have 2 dives on Saturday, and 2 dives on Sunday. Mike and Madison will be going with me - they will be swimming and playing on the beach while I dive. We are looking at getting both of them certified next trimester.

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