Friday, October 19, 2007

On the front line

There are certain things that come with the territory of being on the "front line". First and foremost you are more susceptible to things. Our school has been rampaged with so many illness and injuries. To date our small school has had 3 fractures, more illness than I can count, more falls than I can count, two babies in the hospital with dehydration, one for surgery, and numerous adults in the hospital with various assorted issues. It is SO wet here, there is no time for sidewalks to dry out, especially it being overcast so much of the day that mosses overgrow the sidewalks. So, you have two choices, chance slipping by walking on the sidewalk, or walking in the streets with the crazy drivers. Typically we choose a little of both. We know the more slippery spots and walk on the streets. Other than mild illnesses, the Pettengill house has been spared any major illness or injuries. We continue to pray that we will be spared. So - please pray! The school is on the front lines and under attack!

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