Thursday, October 4, 2007

A taste of home

We received TWO carepackages this week!!! The first one was from my mother-in-law - it contained (most importantly) three ponchos!!! We all used ours time today - we had the most torrential downpour (aguacera) - lightning struck in the middle of town! The tree in front of the mall that Mike went to was struck and fried by lightning! The second craziest storm we have been in. We also received lots of jelly bellies - a GREAT treat!

The second carepackage we received this week (how lucky are we?!) was from our good friends the Hoffman's. It included Starbursts, M&M's (dark chocolate - COOL!), beef jerkey - and two great books you may have heard of: Un pez, dos peces, pez rojo, pez azul (One Fish, Two Fish, Red fish, Blue Fish), and Huevos verdes con jamón (green eggs with ham - although it isn't Sam-I-Am, it's Juan Ramón...). AWESOME!!! I've already red them twice! And they make complete sense to me - even if I didn't already know the stories - good to be confirmed in our language acquisition! YEEHAH!! Emily Hoffman was kind enough to send a (very funny) note inquiring if it was raining or not :-)

Thanks so much for the goodies everyone! You don't know how far a taste from home goes - it goes a LONG way!

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