Monday, October 15, 2007

Tortuguero part 3 of 3

Mama turtle tracks Madison on Tortuguero beach. Incredibly warm water and sand, no swimming allowed! 22 miles of preserved/restricted beach for the turtles to nest.

Madison holding "flipper"
A good perspective of the size of the baby turtles.

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of Tortuguero. Madison and I had such an incredible time. This final blog will focus on the baby turtles. As I stated earlier, our guide is a certified turtle handler, so we had the opportunity to "assist" turtles to the sea. It was such an awesome experience. The video is a little blurry as trying to capture a tiny little turtle trying his darndest to get to the ocean is difficult to capture, but I couldn't resist getting it on the blog.


The Nolls said...

OH WOW! this is my favorite part of your trip... that was so amazing. I loved the whole thing but this part especially... i can't believe you got to actually hold little flipper. How cool. I loved it... and Noa really likes it too, watching the little guy make for the water... SO NEAT!! thanks for sharing.

Lucy said...

How cool. That place looks awesome. What a fun getaway for ya'll to do together as girls.