Thursday, October 18, 2007

150,000 what?!

Live and's all a learning process...make a million mistakes. These kind of things rumble through my brain on a daily basis. JUST when you think you get something right, you are humbly reminded how much you just don't know. Take, for example, our trip to the ATM yesterday. Mike and I had to pull out some money for various things. Many things around here are cash only. So, I go to pull out 150,000 colones (remember, we use Colones around here - it's worth $300 - mas o menos). The ATM flashes an error - "Please enter another amount" - of course my first instinct tells me - Option #1 - do I not have enough money in my account?! No, I just balanced the checkbook yesterday, there is money. Option #2 - has my card been compromised? Has someone already taken money out of my account?! Yikes! There, of course, is Option #3 - and Mike got there first (I was still on Option #2 thank you very much) - human error. "Did you request colones or dollars?" My sweet husband asks...ahhh...Option #3 it is. "That would be dollars" I reply - no wonder the poor ATM gave an error - it just didn't want to fork out 150,000 DOLLARS, just the $300 it was allotted for the and's all a learning process...make a million mistakes....

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John Stuart said...

Yeah, I think I still don't feel like I'm using real money with these Colon things. But if that's the only cultural mistakes so far, I'd say you're doing pretty good.

Like the blog too. Keep posting!