Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The green Jesus debate

Don't touch your monitor....don't adjust those dials...yes, Jesus is green!

One of the first things we noticed, over 6 weeks ago, when we first came to our new school were the murals painted around the children's school. Rainbows, Noah's ark, etc. However, the one that really had/has us puzzled is the green Jesus. No, the color on your monitor isn't wrong, and no, they didn't run out of paint, and no, it's not that they didn't have "flesh" colored paint. We are still trying to decide why He's green...the only thing we have come up with is this - there is a term for children of missionaries. Actually, there are two. The first is MK (Missionary Kid), however, the newest one is TCK (Third Culture Kid). The explanation is this - you are American, but not in America, you are living in another culture, and although you may be entrenched into it, you still don't become Honduran (in our case). So, kids tend to develop another culture completely - hence the name third culture kid. There have been books written about this phenomenon. Anyway, I say all that because during our orientation week, someone was giving a talk on TCK's. They explained it this way - your primary culture is "blue", and your new "host/home" country is "yellow" - and since you are a child of both cultures, you are mixed, and become "green" - so we are thinking that perhaps Jesus is painted green because He is a God of all cultures, and they wanted the kids to be reminded of this?! The debate goes on, and I don't know that we will ever get a real reason why He's green, but the bottom line is He IS a God of all cultures, but I just KNOW He isn't green!

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