Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm leaving on a.... I'm not....we're driving...sigh...

Starting the drive - in two days. Our internet will be unplugged tomorrow, so this will be my last post for probably 5-8 days (depending on if we get some wi-fi while in route).

We are packed. The house is in order. Sheets cover almost everything - it's SO dusty here, that I can't imagine what 6 months of dust is going to look like as it is - this is my attempt of trying to save things :-)

So - prayers our way....the adventure begins!!!

Our life possessions for 6 months (duffel bags wrapped in plastic bags for the inevitable rain that we will encounter)

The house enshrouded in sheets.

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Bethany said...

I'll take good care of your house when I live there in a few months. I might even clean it too!! :) Love you and praying you have a safe drive!