Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We've arrived!

So, after 7 days of solid traveling, 4,100 miles, 3 border crossings, 800+ mile a day driving, we arrived in Elk Grove just in time for church service last Sunday. It was an awesome surprise to our church and friends! We LOVED spending time with our home church and friends. We stayed 2 days at my mother-in-law's house, now we are staying at a friend's house. Friday we leave to go to Georgia for some mandatory training, so although we've arrived, it's short lived in a "semi-permanent" home.

Yesterday we purchased Air Cards from Verizon so we can have internet - and Madison will start school today. Homeschool first day of school looks very different from other schools :-) She is actually in 9th grade, which typically is Freshman year, but in Honduras, since they graduate at 11th grade, she has already been in High School for one year. We are doing a mainly on-line Christian homeschooling program so we can be mobile. Most of her studies, books, homework, exams, etc, are all on-line. It's pretty cool! So she is starting her Sophomore year. Here's her first day of school picture :-)

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SoniaStorm said...!!! 9th grade?!? This li'l chickie is no longer, well, little! Aggghh!

So glad you guys are here. See you soon (D.V.)!! <3