Monday, September 20, 2010

Interview and Orientation

Enjoying time in the South. Last weekend we had a fantastic time at Faith Presbyterian where they treated us like royalty! Sweet friends put us up in their home, we had an incredible brunch with some great folks, an AWESOME Southern BBQ meal with some more folks, then a great church service the following day. After that we had a luncheon, and I'm feeling that I'm going to gain 10 pounds while I'm here in the South :-) But loving every minute of it!

This week we are at some training with Mission to the World, with the final few days being interviewed by Mission to the World folks, and finishing up on Friday. We are driving down to Alabama Friday afternoon to spend some time there, then Monday flying back to Sacramento.

Busy indeed...but what's new with the Pettengills :-)

pulled pork, ribs, sweet tea, a lake and friends...oh baby

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