Friday, September 10, 2010

On the move

Wow has it been a LONG 6 days. We have driven on the worst roads I have ever been on in my life - and that's saying a lot! Everything from 1 1/2 hour border crossing to the 5 minutes to cross into the U.S. - hmmm...don't know what I think about that. Anyway - we still have a couple of more days to make it up to Sacramento. So far we are doing well although physically exhausted - Max (our dog) is finally settling into a routine, and can find himself crashing out in the car without a problem. We managed to beg and plead out way into hotels with him (SO glad we can speak Spanish :-), and today we had our first Starbucks, Sonic hamburger, and a quick stop in Wal Mart! Oh my gosh - I had to contain myself because for the first time in SO LONG I had more choices then I knew what to do with. I walked into the Super Wal Mart and stopped, stunned at all the fruit and vegetables! I couldn't even decide what to choose! It was wild! I can't even IMAGINE the first trip to the grocery store to buy things for our stay in the States. Once again, I don't know when/if we will have internet access, but will promise to keep everyone updated as we do. We CHERISH and COVET your prayers!

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