Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Zelaya's return

I woke up this morning with quiet streets, the sky was silent, and no children out playing. Yesterday, ousted ex-President Zelaya snuck back into country and hid out in the Belizian embassy. From there he has made many phone calls calling for his return of power. Immediately, the current government posted a curfew. Everyone must be in their homes by 4pm. We were in our car on the way into the village to have our English class. We immediately turned around and waded through the tons of people as everyone was trying to get home. Once we got home we found that the curfew that was supposed to end at 7am the next morning had been extended through the following evening at 6pm (today). Schools are canceled, the whole city is shut down. The country has closed its borders, no international or domestic flights. The fear is there will be demonstrations for the return of Zelaya. All of this happened a day after we got back from The States! Wow! Good timing! We would have been in The States unable to get home. Will keep everyone posted as we know.

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