Thursday, September 24, 2009

Curfew update

So - the government has lifted the curfew - not sure why I guess...don't get me wrong - I'm THRILLED!!! Nothing has changed! People are still looting (sigh...), Zelaya supporters are still being hostile, but we are allowed out of our houses today! We are off to our mobile medical clinic in the village, but we are going to have an abbreviated one today as we need to re-stock on food for ourselves, and if they reinstate the curfew it will be when it gets dark which is 6pm. Typically our clinic ends around 5:00 or so and it takes 30 minutes to get home. So - pray that our time is used wisely, and that we can see the people who are truly sick, and not just those seeking attention - but who could blame them? It's been a really weird time here, and a bit or normalcy is very inviting! As far as we know, there have been no talks between ex-president Zelaya and current president Micheletti. Both are holding strong on their primary concerns. Zelaya wants back in power, and Micheletti (along with the Supreme Court) say no. So I'm not sure where that is going to leave us.

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