Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Curfew continues part 4

Well, we had a few hours of lifted curfew today for people to go out and get food, etc. We didn't dare venture out. The stores were over-run, and the lines for gas was so long. So, we stayed holed up in our house, and are back under curfew. According to the local news, the curfew has been reinstated as of 5pm tonight, and the news states:

"El Gobierno de Honduras en cadena nacional de radio y televisión, anunció que el toque de queda en todo el país inicia desde las cinco de la tarde del miércoles sin precisar la hora en que finalizará." For you non-Spanish speakers, this is basically what it says: "The Government of Honduras announced on national radio and television that the curfew nationwide that was started at five in the afternoon of Wednesday, there is no specific time it will end."

So we sit in our house, with plenty of food and water (although it may get interesting if we have to start eating waffles and pancakes from now on...), waiting to hear what tomorrow brings. We have our planned mobile clinic in the village - I went ahead and prepped for it - preparing as if we will go, but will have to wait to see what the news announces. If we can - we are going to try and get to the store tomorrow to re-stock and prepare for whatever may come. Please continue to pray for us, the people in the village, the people of Honduras, and the government as we continue under unsure times.

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