Tuesday, September 22, 2009

curfew continues

Because of the political situation right now, the "curfew" continues to be in effect. I guess one can't call it a curfew if you are unable to leave your house for more than a day. I would call it a lock-down. But - it's all for the safety of individuals - if you are out and about - then you are probably up to no good. Zelaya continues to be holed up in the Brazilian embassy - the Honduras government has turned off all electricity and water to the embassy and is blaring music in an effort to get Zelaya to leave. The police and military have had to round up a number of Zelaya supporters who are ignoring the curfew, are rioting, and wreaking havoc. However, as usual, La Ceiba continues to be a quiet city. Other than having to stay in our house all day (currently the curfew has been extended until tomorrow morning at 6am - but that may change at any time), La Ceiba would be unaware that anything extraordinary is going on. We did work from home, Madison hung out with her friend who lives next door, and we continued on our daily lives - just from the confines of our home. Please pray for a peaceful resolution of this activity (see blog below), an end of violence in the capitol, end of curfew, and the ability for us to continue with our ministry work out in Armenia Bonito. Currently we have had to cancel our English class, and our Kids Club. Our mobile clinic is on Thursday, and we hope that things will be settled down by then so Madison can get back to school, and our ministry work can continue along with the government and people of Honduras to be whole once again.

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Ellie said...

Well, enjoy the rest you get while you can. Praying all stays peaceful.